Sonia’s Story – My new love affair…

My new love affair… with my body. Stripes, Bumpage and Body Con dresses.

I never thought I’d feel this way about my body. It’s not something I’ve ever obsessed about but like most women I didn’t truly appreciate what I had in my twenties. I didn’t need the gym, I was active but ate whatever I wanted and it didn’t make a difference. When I hit about 25, I got a bit curvier… my hips filled out and so did my thighs. After years of horse-riding and then not, they’d gone a bit flabby but that just meant longer skirts and shorts and didn’t really bother me. When I became a gym bunny in my thirties, I actively ‘worked’ on my thighs but I didn’t obsess over them.

So, imagine my surprise when, at the age of 36, I’m suddenly in love with my body? My new pregnancy body that is. Finally, as my bump grows my thighs actually fit my body! Shocker!

I’m taking full advantage of this. I was determined not to lose my innate sense of style as my body changed, but that’s tough. For one, I love heels. Really love heels. But between my balance and my swollen feet, they’re not always possible. So, between Converse, wedges and sandals, I’ve been surviving.

I’ve always loved jeans but I’ve been a square 28/28 for the last decade; my hips are the same size as my legs so I’ve struggled to find ones that fit and look good. Jeans were also the very first thing I grew out of. After six weeks, I had to buy a belt extender as I could no longer close my jeans while sitting down! It was really uncomfortable. I was really excited to pack away my jeans in the inaccessible drawer under the bed and replace them with brand new shiny ones! I got skinny jeans with ripped knees (feeling very cool as I’ve never worn ripped jeans before, I know!), the most gorgeous boyfriend jeans and a selection of blue, indigo, black and grey skinny jeans that go with everything. Everything. The weird thing is, my maternity jeans fit me better than any jeans I’ve ever bought and I’ve bought a lot of jeans in my life. Maybe it’s the ‘over the bump’ band but I feel really good in them. I also feel great wearing them with my flats, something that made me feel short and squat in my previous life!

My other new discovery is dungarees. Having not worn them since I was six, I was thrilled with the opportunity to go a bit mad and bought long black cotton dungarees, short navy ones and the softest denim dungarees from Little Bird. Oh the joys of dungarees. My BH’s little girls love them and delight in wearing their denim dungarees at the same time.

Leggings are my other new love. How did I get through life without them before? Don’t get me wrong, I have a few pairs with holes in them that I wore for painting and general DIY but never left the house in them. Pregnant me has them in black, grey and navy and could not live without leggings.

My new love affair… Body Con dresses.

As for body con dresses… Well I avoided the Hervé Léger phase the way George Clooney previously avoided marriage but safe to say I’ve now found my Amal. The joy of wearing tight fitting dresses is so new to me. I’ve always had a round tummy. It didn’t matter how thin I was, I had a little roundness to my belly. But now I have a REAL roundness to my belly, well, I want to show it off, every chance I get! It’s like having a really big bust and thrusting out ones cleavage… That’s what I’m like with my bump… ‘Look everyone, it’s a bump, not just bloat!’. It’s my bumpage and I’m VERY proud of it.

Then there’s stripes. Oh how I love a good stripe! Again, a new discovery for me and something I’ve actively avoided all my adult like. Everyone knows horizontal stripes are deeply unflattering and make you look wider, right? Well that’s the point. Now I only want to wear horizontal stripes. Again I’m shouting ‘look how big my bump is!’.

So as determined as I was not to lose my style, I’ve actually expanded it. My wardrobe is bursting at the seams with lots of fitted dresses, jeans, leggings and stripy tops. I’m also on the hunt for new shoes; stylish flat ones. Can I call this a craving?

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