Sonia’s Story – My Third Trimester, Freaking Out and the Next Step

My Third Trimester, Freaking Out and the Next Step

I had my first wobble a few weeks back. I’d finally reached the third trimester, which felt like quite the achievement! I’m bigger than I’ve ever been, none of my old clothes fit and I’m loving every second of that. I’m waking up early, very early, which is a bit of a pain but maybe this is my body’s way of getting me ready for what’s to come.

So, I’m in a good place. Well I was, until I went to my first baby fair… as a customer. I’ve been to these fairs before and enjoyed looking at all the new products and great deals, as well as looking for inspiration and taking lots of photos. But this time was different. This time I was faced with real choices that would make a real difference to the weeks, months and years ahead. My pregnancy eyes were bulging at all the options.

I would have thought by now that I would know which travel system we want, where the baby will sleep, what type of bath we’ll get but every time I think a decision has been made, there’s more and more choice! It’s insane. So, I browsed with my BH and the more we explored the more freaked out I got! It was completely overwhelming. There’s just so much choice.

It took me about a week to get my head back to normal or what amounts to normal nowadays! We have time to really think about these things, to ask advice and to demo lots of different things. My BH now carries a tape measure around in his pocket. Every morning we wake up with new suggestions as to where the changing station will go or the bouncer or whether we can store the travel system in the car permanently when it’s not in use!

We’ve started clearing spaces. My beloved vintage chest which we rescued from a skip years ago, has moved from our hallway into my office. We’re looking at our dinner table and wondering if we really need one this size. (I think yes, my BH thinks no, so we’ve compromised and changed the direction of the table, giving us valuable additional inches of floor space). As we stood in the kitchen staring at the butcher’s block considering whether we could double it up as the changing station, I realised I was spiraling somewhat. Deep breaths. This is what yoga is for, right? Breathing through the realisation that you need to double the size of your house for something that’s not yet four pounds.

For now though, I’m making lists. I’ve gone through the bible (the Mothercare catalogue) from cover to cover. We’re going to the Expectant Parent Event next Sunday, 5th November and I’m planning to meet a personal shopper in Mothercare to give me a proper hand. Like everyone, we have a budget and although I’m happy to invest all that is required into safety, I’m also aware that there are multiple non-essential items that I’m not planning on buying. At least now but time will tell.

But I need help and lots of it. I’m asking for all the advice I can get and also any tips on the things people regret buying! I’m also hoping to meet some like-minded people also in need of guidance and I’m really looking forward to meeting the midwife and asking all those questions that I haven’t even thought of yet. One of the Mothercare midwives, Margaret Merrigan-Feenan was one of the first people I called when we discovered I was pregnant. I’ve worked with her many times over the last decade and had threatened that she would be my first call when the time came! She wasn’t the first call, but was definitely in the top five.

Next Sunday, I’m hoping to have clearer plans in our heads. Maybe have our hospital bag packed and ready to go. Some decisions made regards our travel system, nappy changing station, bouncer and car seat. Eek! There’s so much to do but I’m grateful for all the advice available and the experience I can trust.

With eight weeks to go, it’s decision time. And I’m happy about that, and freaking out a little less.  I’ve just started reading The Positive Birth Book by Milli Hill, so it’s time for a different sort of freak out!


Sonia Harris is MD of Harris PR and has been working with Mothercare for over 10 years. She lives in Dublin with her better half, his two little girls and their dog. Sonia is pregnant with her first child and is due Christmas Day. Sure what else would you be doing then?!

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