Sonia’s Story, the importance of staying active

The importance of staying active and feeling like goddess! Up to Christmas last year, I was quite the gym bunny! I’d joined a new gym, closer to home and made it to a class most days. Swam regularly, did a mixture of TRX, Kettlebells, weight classes and my absolute obsession Brooklyn Boxfit! I worked hard Read more about Sonia’s Story, the importance of staying active[…]

Sonia’s Story – My new love affair…

My new love affair… with my body. Stripes, Bumpage and Body Con dresses. I never thought I’d feel this way about my body. It’s not something I’ve ever obsessed about but like most women I didn’t truly appreciate what I had in my twenties. I didn’t need the gym, I was active but ate whatever Read more about Sonia’s Story – My new love affair…[…]

Sonia's Story...Horror Stories!

Sonia’s Story…Horror Stories!

Please stop with the horror stories! It’s been quite the week for tales of traumatic births and worse, much worse. It’s a very strange thing, conversing with people when you’re pregnant. There’s no etiquette guide to follow and up until this week I haven’t been bothered by the Spanish inquisition style questions about conception, fertility, Read more about Sonia’s Story…Horror Stories![…]